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And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.
Revelation 12:11

Testimony of Joyce Bell – Evangelist

God showed me very clearly that He was calling me to be His evangelist and soon after this I met a man who was obviously searching for the truth. I invited him to church and before he came I prayed for him. When I was praying God gave me a very clear picture of a big red umbrella. I didn’t know what this meant and all I thought was how would I describe the shade of red. It was a very deep red and at first, I thought it might be cherry red but then I realised it was blood red.

The man came to church and I told him about the picture of the umbrella that God had given me when I was praying for him, and that God had further revealed to me that this was the covering of Christ’s blood and it was for him. He accepted Jesus. At that hour he accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour.

The man was very ill and soon after this, his condition deteriorated and he died. Along with the rest of our church body I went to the funeral and it was there that God, in His goodness, gave His newly called evangelist confirmation that this new Christian was now with Him in paradise. I saw the man at his own funeral, barefoot, dressed in a white robe and filled with joy. He was dancing.

Thank You Jesus for your covering of Your blood that takes us to where You are.

Joyce Bell

Why Church?

Joyce writes:
I have been comforted and guided many times by prophetic words given through others in the church and I can see more and more often the spiritual perspective of God working in my life.
When things get tough for me I go to the church for prayer, the church being my fellow members of the body of Jesus.
There I always get help and comfort from God and from the church’s care for me.

Beverly writes:
You don’t join a church, it’s not a club! God adds you to a church body, the church body that is the place where He wants you to function and to grow. He has given each of us gifts and functions which will be uniquely used in the body He places you in, each member playing his part. (Ephesians 4:16)
Being a member of a body enables you to grow, to develop your gift for the benefit of yourself, the body and the Kingdom.
When you know your purpose and operate in your function you feel fulfilled and satisfied.
You come to church to participate, to give, and in doing so you receive so much. You understand your purpose, you begin to understand who you are in Christ. Competition fades. Each member of the Body of Christ is as important, as necessary, as the next (1 Corinthians 12:21) just as in the human body, the hand is of equal importance as the eye, they have their different functions but each are of equal value to the effective functioning of the body as a whole.
Functioning in your God-given gifts for His sake gives you tremendous peace. Knowing who you are in Christ, that you stand righteous before the Lord with peace and joy in the Holy Spirit is something I have learnt through being part of His body. Priceless!

Lucy writes:
I have been to church all my life, but since being added to Harvester Halifax in 2011, my understanding of church has been transformed.  Here are just some of the ways my understanding has changed:-

The church is the Body of Christ.  I had read scriptures about this, but what I saw in reality did not look like a body; a few people seemed to be doing all of the work and there were often factions and disagreements.  In Harvester Halifax and also in the larger congregation at Harvester Cape Town, everyone works together and people are encouraged to function in what God has called them to do, not just be allocated to a job because there is no-one else to do it.  When a church works as a body, all the jobs that God wants doing get done and the things that tradition would say a church should be doing become less and less important.  For example, Christmas and Easter used to be very busy but quite empty times for me, as we repeated the same songs and services year in, year out.  Now we celebrate Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection all year round as the Holy Spirit leads us - there is such freedom and life in this!

The church is a place of ‘spirit truth worship’.  This type of worship is always new and fresh.  Known songs are used, but not stuck to rigidly.  They act like a springboard to launch us into spontaneous, Spirit-led praise, prayer and proclamation.  There is great power in this type of worship as the Holy Spirit leads us to sing and make declarations over our lives, over the lives of those we know and over the spiritual powers that influence our local area, our nation and our world.  We recently had a prophetic word spoken over our church, that we may not be a prominent church, but we are a significant church.  I believe that our worship is a big part of that significance and that its influence is far bigger than we realise.

The church is a place to be corrected and perfected.  Many churches are afraid to use godly correction as they are worried about offending people or losing members.  This means that people miss out on the opportunity to grow and learn through correction.  Correction is not always easy to receive, but if accepted it leads to spiritual growth.  It is not easy to give correction either, so I am very grateful to have leaders who are obedient to give it when needed, in love, as a good father would to his child:-  ‘For whom the Lord loves He corrects, just as a father the son in whom he delights’. Proverbs 3:12.  

The church also perfects us as we learn to function together, to see the Christ in one another and to forgive one another.  We are like pebbles in a polishing machine, knocking the rough edges off each other until we are all perfected.  This is not a ‘quick fix’, but a process, done in God’s way and in His perfect timing.


A wonderful weekend of impartation with Apostle Andre. We have learned much and know, as is always the way with Apostolic truth, that we will begin to understand the impact of this time as the days and weeks pass. Thank you, Lord for your obedient Apostle and we pray a great blessing upon him as he continues to minister where You send him.

Prophet Graham Unsworth

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