2013 - Harvester Reformational Church Halifax

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Welcome to our Sermon Archive for 2013.

(See previous page for all sermons preached prior to this date.)

Sermons are in MP3 format and can be played on most computers or copied to CD.

All sermons preached by Pastor Duncan Curry, one of the leaders of HRCH, unless otherwise indicated.

Joyce Bell reflects on last Sunday's Sermon: 1/2/14
I was greatly impacted by the preaching at church last week. Pastor Duncan spoke about the purposes of God; about roses producing roses 'according to its own kind' and not through evolution. If we look for a purpose outside ourselves we cannot find it.
Pastor Duncan spoke about the 'I AM' principle and that we cannot know our purpose (what we are here for) until we know I AM (God). As it says in one of our worship songs 'Having Christ formed within you, you can finally be at rest.' (God Almighty You Are written by Chantal Pelser)
We function at rest knowing God who made us who we are, and we do not have to work at it, as we are who we are without effort.
The sermon ended with the words: 'Let others see you just being and tell others they too need the Christ within.'
Pastor Duncan also spoke of the I AM principle of having the mind of Christ as we have the indwelling Spirit of God.
He told us we can say I AM patient/kind/loving/humble/meek/merciful...claiming the attributes of God as we live our lives for Him. He mentioned also the scripture we could speak into our lives saying 'Let the weak say I am strong.' I have said this and have felt my strength returning after weeks of feeling tired all of the time.
Thank You Lord.
Mrs Joyce Bell

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